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About Us

Commentary Track is a group blog launched on January 1, 2007. Over the years seven movie lovers have written for the site, posting movie reviews and more.

Most of our movie reviews are for new releases- mostly out of Hollywood but also some foreign films- from 2007 to 2012. We’ve also reviewed a smattering of new films since then along with a fair number of older movies, both American and foreign. The selection of titles reflects our disparate interests and tastes.

You can browse the full list on the review indexes: A-L, M-Z, by year for 2007-2012, by star rating, and Silent Reflections.

Weekly features have been a DVD/Blu-ray recommendation; Photo Play, a pictorial series (2012, 2013, 2014); and Thinking Outside the Multiplex in Indiana, a roundup of arthouse and repertory screenings in one of our home states.

Occasional features have included “best of” lists and the Favorites Corner, where we compare our favorite films by some of the greats of world cinema.

Commentary Track has been a labor of love and we hope you’ll enjoy reading our work.