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May 2, 2014


Do you read “Thinking Outside the Multiplex”?

My work schedule has gotten a lot busier over the past year to the point that I need to cut a few non-working hour activities. Writing “Thinking Outside the Multiplex” is one of the things that’s on the bubble. Should I continue with it or not? Please post a comment if you read the column.

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  1. May 2 2014

    I don’t read it because I live in Toronto, and also because I barely go to the theatre to was films. The column is terrific, but it doesn’t cater to me.

  2. May 2 2014

    It’s sweet of you to give me positive feedback, but I don’t expect anyone living outside Indiana to read it. :-)

  3. May 2 2014

    I did my part. :O)

  4. Mike
    May 2 2014

    Huh, I didn’t see how I could comment on this post until just now, so I left a comment under the most recent “Photo Play”.

  5. Michelle D.
    May 3 2014

    I read TOTM and love it, but do what’s best for your schedule!

  6. May 3 2014

    @Michelle: Thanks, I appreciate knowing that. I think I’m going to continue but in a slightly pared down version.

  7. Michelle D.
    May 3 2014

    Off topic: I had to miss Jodorowsky’s Dune with the group, but caught it today. Wow! That would have been quite a film. What a character. :)

  8. May 4 2014

    That’s exactly what we all said! Gary thinks the movie would have been a masterpiece (but then he’s long been fascinated by Jodorowsky’s movies), while I incline towards the view it would have been a grand failure. It was interesting to learn that ALIEN would not have been the movie it was if Dan O’Bannon hadn’t gone to Paris for “Dune” and been introduced to Giger, Foss and Moebius.

  9. May 4 2014

    Most great science fiction novels exist in our imagination but fail when others try to convey them to the screen. The power of Jodorowsky’s film would have been its compelling visual style, the challenge would have been his eccentric choice of actors.