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January 27, 2014


Photo Play – Jackie Brown (1997)


looking up from a place of death

Jackie Brown (1997)

Jackie Brown (1997)


Last Week: Scaramouche (1952)
Coming Next: Yojimbo (1961)

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  1. Jan 27 2014

    My favourite Quentin Tarantino film. :O)

  2. Jan 27 2014

    Mine too, although that means less coming from since I’m not that keen on Tarantino. I do really, really like JACKIE BROWN though.

  3. Jan 27 2014

    While I don’t believe that he’ll ever make another film as great as Pulp Fiction or Jackie Brown, I still like all of his films. And as for Inglourious Basterds and Django Unchained… I wasn’t too keen on the the first time around. But after a few more viewings, most especially IB, I realize why they’re terrific.

    And I still don’t like Reservoir Dogs as a whole.

  4. Jan 30 2014

    Nir, you should watch ‘Rabid Dogs’ it was one of the last movies directed by Mario Bava and it was the inspiration for ‘Reservoir Dogs’. On a low budget scale it is pretty good and pretty nasty as well. Almost the entire story takes place inside a cramped car.

  5. Jan 30 2014

    Also known as Kidnapped. I’ve heard of it and only heard good things. I will definitely check it out in the near future.

    I do love Bava’s films. You can tell that he was a DP before becoming a director. Like in his first feature film Black Sunday; he shot and directed it and as a result, it’s a good film and also a gorgeous looking one.

    Black Sabbath is also pretty awesome. :O)