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December 12, 2013


Capsule Review – You Only Live Twice (1967)


I’m pretty sure I watched You Only Live Twice years ago, but I can’t be positive since nothing seemed familiar as I watched it for (what I think was) the second time. It isn’t terrible exactly, at least, not compared to what I remember of some later franchise entries- but then again it kind of is. There’s certainly not much good to say. The spirit and energy of the preceding movies is gone and that takes the fun out of it. I do like that SPECTRE was a continuing plotline over four movies and Blofeld is a stalwart villain. On the other hand, the Numbers in this installment were just pathetic. The bigger problem of course is Connery himself, who suddenly looks tired and heavy-limbed. Without the vigor and insouciant manner of old the man of action is less convincing and the great lover stuff is just plain ridiculous. The yellowface disguise is an obvious low point but the movie’s failings are encapsulated by the dreary Q scene, where the bitterness of the Bond/Q dialogue misses banter by a country mile. Probably the film’s strongest aspects are the on-location filming in Japan and the production design, which provides highlights like local liaison Tanaka’s mobile office/private subway car and SPECTRE’s headquarters, a big-budget re-do of Dr. No’s place. The fight early on with the unnamed minion in the corporate suite is pretty good as it ties into the exotic locale through the decor, judo, and katana action. I sincerely, wholeheartedly enjoyed the intro in the submarine. M’s wood-paneled and finely furnished office, complete with Moneypenny in the anteroom, was classic.


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  1. Ken
    Dec 12 2013

    All I can say is ditto. Spectre mad for a good adversary and could easily have been plugged into replace the megalomaniac dejour of the later Bond movies. Connery was wize to back away from the franchise when he did. Or was he pushed, I don’t know. Then again, he was doing Zardoz not long after this.

  2. Dec 12 2013

    But Zardoz was directed by John Boorman.. 0_<