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July 22, 2013


Photo Play – The Great Race (1965)


This month on Photo Play: Hollywood dreams of the City of Light

The Great Escape (1965)

The Great Escape (1965)

The Great Escape (1965)

The Great Escape (1965)


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  1. Aug 5 2013

    The greatest pie fight in the history of cinema.

  2. Aug 5 2013

    I’d say that the greatest pie fight is in Dr. Strangelove, but we never actually got to see it… so, it’s the best theoretical pie fight in the history of cinema. 0_<

  3. Aug 5 2013

    Personally I found ‘The Great Race’ to be forced and unfunny not to mention long and corny as well. The pie fight scene goes on too long and how many times can you see a person get smacked in the face with a pie before it becomes redundant. I’ll take ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World’ over ‘The Great Race’ anyday.

  4. Aug 5 2013

    I watched appro. 30 minutes of The Great Race. I couldn’t handle it. It was too cheesy for me, as well, and rather annoying. Maybe it’s actually, eventually, really good but I won’t find out for a while. I know that Helen loves it but she also grew up with it. 0_<

  5. Aug 6 2013

    It is an old favorite but if I saw it for the first time today I would still love it for Jack Lemmon, the Ruritanian interlude and the homage to early cinema.

  6. Aug 6 2013

    I will definitely watch it in its entirety one day. :O)

  7. Doc
    Aug 11 2013

    Push the button, Max.