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April 15, 2013


Photo Play – Ninotchka (1939)


The Photo Play theme for April is… the latest fashion in ladies hats, c. 1937

Ninotchka (1939)

Ninotchka (1939)


Last Week: Easy Living (1937)
Coming Next: The Good Fairy (1935)

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  1. Apr 15 2013

    I hadn’t seen this film in a while. :O)

    Was is Garbo or Dietrich who insured her legs for millions of dollars?

  2. Apr 16 2013

    I’m pretty sure it was Grable (and a studio publicity stunt).

  3. Apr 17 2013

    Ah. And after a minute of Googling I found out that Dietrich insured her voice for $1 million, and you were correct about Grable. Well, I’ve heard of Betty Grable…

  4. Apr 17 2013

    I know you’ve seen Betty Grable in at least one movie because STALAG 17 was on your Billy Wilder favorites list. ;-)

    And I didn’t know that about Dietrich but it makes sense she would choose her (famously husky) voice.

  5. Apr 17 2013

    Grable was in Stalag 17? I hadn’t watch the film in many years but only seem to remember Bill Holden and the comic relief. Even though I don’t remember much of it, because I hadn’t watched it more than twice (and many years back), my decision to place it on the favourites list is reflective of the feeling that I remember having while watching it.

  6. Apr 17 2013

    Definitely time for a third viewing then. She’s not in it but she plays an important role.

  7. Apr 18 2013

    Hmm… intrigued I am. And own the film I do… (I apologize for the Yoda)

  8. Apr 19 2013

    The very last thing that Betty Grable did in front of the camera was as a celebrity guest on the old Hollywood Squares game show in 1973.

  9. Apr 19 2013

    Lucky her!