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March 25, 2013


Photo Play – The Punisher (1989)


The Photo Play theme for March is… a tribute to the bulletproof vest

The Punisher (1989)


Last Week: Hit Team (2001)
Coming Next: Top Hat (1935)

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  1. Ken
    Mar 25 2013

    That is an interesting theme!
    A bit of protection that lurks in the background, then pops to the fore when needed one way or the other. Usually misunderstood and given powers beyond it’s true abilities.

  2. Mar 27 2013

    It just worked out that way but two of the four Photo Play movies feature bulletproof vests that _fail_ to stop a bullet.

  3. Mar 27 2013

    The Dark Knight showcases the use of a bulletproof vest without having the wearer open his shirt and reveal it to the audience. I’m, of course referring to Lieutenant James Gordon’s death. :O)