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March 4, 2013


Photo Play – Angel Eyes (2001)


The Photo Play theme for March is… a tribute to the bulletproof vest

Angel Eyes (2001)


Last Week: Thunderball (1965)
Coming Next: Ronin (1998)

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  1. Mar 4 2013

    I liked Angel Eyes back when it came out. I was caught up in its spell and really wanted to know just what on Earth was going on. But, sadly it’s another one of those films that has no replay value to me because the ending features “the whole point of the film” and I never had the inclination to travel there once again.

    Good film, though.

  2. Mar 7 2013

    Like a lot of romantic dramas it goes overboard with the trauma-induced dysfunction, but I forgive the excess because the characters are so appealing. The treatment of domestic abuse and its lingering effects on the next generation is sensitive and astute.

  3. Mar 7 2013

    Like I said, a good film. :O)