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January 19, 2013

Top Seven Films and Other Bests of 2012 (Nir Shalev)


The Master (2012)

The general population attests that 2012 ended up as one of the most mediocre years in film. Personally, it’s been the worst year ever. Most of the films I watched are bad and the rest are just average. As an example, The Dark Knight Rises (an entirely average and mostly uninteresting film), The Avengers, and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey were the biggest moneymakers but stand merely as equivalents to generic summer, popcorn blockbusters. And those were the films that most were looking forward to!

As the year trudged on, I couldn’t wait for Oscar season and sadly, only started seeing exceptional films early in December. The year was almost up and my draft Top 10 Films of 2012 list (as it is traditional to make such a list) contained only five films….

But fear not! I have compiled a list but it is not of the top 10 films of 2012- nor is in numerical order decreeing what is good, better, and best. Rather, it’s a list that simply notes the best films that I saw in 2012. There still aren’t 10 films named, but then even the Oscar committee could only come up with nine films for the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony. I guess you just can’t win ‘em all.

Amour (2012)

The Best Films of 2012 (in alphabetical order):

Django Unchained
The Master
Nameless Gangster

Lincoln (2012)

Best Director:

*Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master*
Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained
Stephen Spielberg, Lincoln
Michael Haneke, Amour
Robert Zemeckis, Flight

Best Cinematography:

*Mihai Malaimare Jr., The Master*
Janusz Kaminski, Lincoln
Robert Richardson, Django Unchained
Roger Deakins, Skyfall

Django Unchained (2012)

Best Actor:

*Joaquin Phoenix, The Master*
Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
Denzel Washington, Flight
Richard Gere, Arbitrage
Jack Black, Bernie

Best Actress:

*Emmanuelle Riva, Amour*

Best Supporting Actor:

*Philip Seymour Hoffman, The Master*
Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Best Supporting Actress:

*Amy Adams, The Master*