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December 24, 2012


Photo Play – A Christmas Carol (1999)


This month on Photo Play: Scrooge’s tale in four acts


Last Week: The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
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  1. Dec 24 2012

    There it is! My favourite iteration of A Christmas Carol! :OD

    And a Marry Christmas to all in which that phrasing applies!

  2. Miriam
    Dec 25 2012

    Happy Christmas to all! I just watched this Carol for the first time and liked it very much. It has a particularly fine Dickensian quality to it. I particularly liked that we have a scene of Scrooge in church, the only version to do so to my recollection.

  3. Dec 26 2012

    @Nir: I knew you’d appreciate this week’s movie selection. :-) Thanks for recommending this version. Among other strong points, Richard E. Grant might well be the best-ever Bob Cratchit.

    @Miriam: That’s very true about the Dickensian quality. The scene at the rag and bone man’s is particularly splendid in that regard.

  4. Dec 26 2012

    @Helen/Miriam, you’re welcome. :O)

    The reason why this is my favourite film version of the novel is because I find that it displays the most amount of humanity without stooping to theatrics. I cry every time that I watch the Christmas Past segment. Patrick Stewart’s portrayal of Scrooge’s heart breaking is terrifically affecting and I love that the film, given a very limited budget, went for realism. You can feel, and almost smell, Bob Cratchit’s vagrancy and I also love the sound of quills scraping on papers.

    I hope that everyone had a happy holiday! :OD

  5. Dec 27 2012

    I really like this version too – love Richard E Grant as Bob Cratchit. Great pictures, and I hope you had a good Christmas.