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December 17, 2012


Photo Play – The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)


This month on Photo Play: Scrooge’s tale in four acts


Last Week: Scrooge (1970)
Coming Next: A Christmas Carol (1999)

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  1. Dec 17 2012

    I love this film with a passion. My brother and i try and watch it every year at this time.

  2. Dec 17 2012

    This has become my second favorite movie Carol (after the Alastair Sim version). I didn’t properly appreciate it when it when it was new; as a teenager I was too old and not old enough.

  3. Miriam
    Dec 18 2012

    I would not have associated the Muppets with Expressionist film design, but what else would you call that streetscape? It’s a much better adaptation of the story than I expected and has perhaps joined Scrooge in a tie for number two favorite – I also rank the Alastair Sim version as my number one. Looking forward to seeing the next photoplay and who you choose for the transformed Scrooge!

  4. Dec 19 2012

    @Miriam: I must have watched the Muppet Carol at least a half dozen times, probably more, and yet I never noticed it until I took the screenshots. There are some clear Expressionist influences in the cemetery visuals too.

  5. Dec 19 2012

    Look the fourth screenshot: they’re suing a Dutch angle. :O)

    One thing’s for sure, I will watch, at least, one Muppets film before I die. Some day I will. But I won’t watch the most recent one.