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December 10, 2012


Photo Play – Scrooge (1970)


This month on Photo Play: Scrooge’s tale in four acts


Last Week: Scrooge (1951)
Coming Next: The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

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  1. Miriam
    Dec 10 2012

    I have seen most of the Christmas Carol movies and am struck by the consistency in the appearance of this second Spirit/Ghost. The big hearty figure in sumptuous green robes is all but identical. Do you know the original painting or illustration they’re referencing?

  2. Dec 10 2012

    You know, that’s very true- the appearance of the other ghosts changes dramatically while Christmas Present hardly ever varies. Your question inspired a quick search that almost immediately turned up the illustrations from the 1843 first edition. The resemblance is striking!

    View them here:

  3. Miriam
    Dec 11 2012

    Thanks! It’s fun to know that Present is a direct link to the past.

    I think Scrooge is an excellent telling of the story. I watched an old taped copy until it looked like the ghost of colors past, waiting and waiting for a dvd issue. It looks great again with colors and lights to match the exuberant spirit of the movie.

  4. Dec 11 2012

    How is it that I’d never heard of a Scrooge film that stars Albert Finney and Sir Alec Guinness? Then again, I’d only watched the Alastair Sim, Patrick Stewart, and Jim Carrey versions… Well, now I have another Scrooge film to watch!

    Also, Scrooged, with Bill Murray really stinks.

  5. Dec 12 2012

    My favorite part of this version is Kenneth More’s Ghost of Christmas Present. Some give it a thumbs down because it’s a musical. Several years on from my last viewing, all I can say about the songs is that they’re unmemorable. High time I watch it again.