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December 3, 2012


Photo Play – Scrooge (1951)


This month on Photo Play: Scrooge’s tale in four acts


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Coming Next: Scrooge (1970)

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  1. Dec 4 2012

    There have been so many adaptations of A Christmas Carol, but this version remains my favorite, and it’s because Alastair Sim is so unbelievably great. My other favorite movie of his was that great Hitchcock film, Stage Fright. He had such a perfect comedic sensibility for those roles.

  2. Dec 4 2012

    I find Alastair Sim also terrific in Green for Danger.

    And even though this is the quintessential Scrooge film, my favourite is the 1999 version that stars Patric Stewart and Richard E. Grant. It was made for TV but it’s fantastic, and Patrick Stewart has never given a better performance in his career. At least I can’t recall a better one…

  3. Dec 5 2012

    I’m fond of several versions but this is my favorite too.

    You’ve named Sim’s best films already but also up there is the ’60s comedy SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS, which is quite entertaining. He’s wickedly funny in that one in a supporting role.

  4. Dec 6 2012

    Hmm… gotta check it out.

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