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July 30, 2012


Photo Play: Rescue Dawn (2007)


This month on Photo Play: four wars, four POW escapes


Last Week: Chicken Run (2000)
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  1. Jul 30 2012

    I love this film. I saw it when it came out to theatres and recommended it to everyone that I worked with at the time. They also, all loved it.

    Herzog, Bale, Zahn, and [Jeremy] Davies are all awesome. :O)

  2. Ken
    Jul 30 2012

    I was quite impressed with Rescue Dawn. It deserves more attention. I’m also taken by the way the actors starved themselves down to protray eamciated prisoners in a jungle hell-hole. That is dedication to your craft! This contrasts with virtually all the other movis in this genre.

  3. Jul 30 2012

    @Nir: That’s cool that your friends acted on your recommendation. It’s always satisfying to sell a few extra tickets to a great movie.

    @Ken: Christian Bale is the standard-bearer for starving himself for his craft. Have you seen THE MACHINIST? Freaky.

  4. Jul 30 2012

    I was going to mention The Machinist, a terrific little film, and Bale’s performance in The Fighter, a lousy film (sorry Helen, I know that you like it).

    After having lost 60lbs for his role in The Machinist, Bale was underweight for his role in Batman Begins. He then put it back on for that film and lost it again for Rescue Dawn and The Prestige (a film that I greatly detest), gained it again for The Dark Knight, lost it again for The Fighter, and then not gained it all back again for The Dark Knight Rises.

    He’s definitely a heck of a great actor and my favourite film and performance of his is, easily American Psycho.