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July 16, 2012


Photo Play: The Great Escape (1963)


This month on Photo Play: four wars, four POW escapes


Last Week: Grand Illusion (1937)
Coming Next: Chicken Run (2000)

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  1. Miriam
    Jul 16 2012

    This film defines the POW story for most of us, I suspect. And it must be the most successful of the big cast/big story World War II movies as well.

  2. Jul 16 2012

    What about The Longest Day? HUGE cast and I’m guessing that it was also quite successful. :O)

    But you’re right about this film. Although I have only watched it once before and that was many years ago… I must revisit it!

  3. Jul 16 2012

    THE LONGEST DAY is an excellent history lesson and an award-winner but it hasn’t entered the popular consciousness like THE GREAT ESCAPE. More docudrama than drama and no iconic performances like Steve McQueen’s.

    This is one of those movies I can always watch again. Incredibly entertaining without pulling any punches. I still remember how shocked I was by the ending the first time- Hollywood movies just don’t do that, historical fact or not! Now it still packs a wallop even though I know it’s coming.

  4. Jul 16 2012

    This is still my favorite prison escape movie.

  5. Jul 17 2012

    “There’s madness in their method.”

  6. Jul 18 2012

    And to quote another film that borrows heavily from The Great Escape: “I told you them chicken was organized!” :O)

  7. Michelle
    Jul 18 2012

    @Nir–“Birds of a feather flop together.” :)

  8. Jul 19 2012


  9. Jul 19 2012

    The theme is “four wars, four escapes” yet there are five Mondays in July. In other words, funny you should mention chickens….

  10. Jul 19 2012

    Could it be? Two Mel Gibson film mentions in one month?