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April 23, 2012


Photo Play: My Best Girl (1927)


This month on Photo Play: April showers bring… umbrellas.

On the Night Court doorstep…

…and before the judge.



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  1. Richard Winters
    Apr 24 2012

    These ‘Photo Plays’ are getting more and more creative, but where do you find all of these screenshots? I’m impressed.

  2. Apr 24 2012

    I take them myself. That’s the fun part. It’s also why “I own it” is one of the criteria for Photo Play inclusion (although I’m willing to stretch the point and borrow an occasional DVD from the library. if a theme just cries out for a certain movie).

  3. Apr 24 2012

    Now that is cool, but how are you able to do it? Do you play the DVD on your laptop and then pause and use the ‘Snipping Tool’ to take a picture of the paused frame? Again, I was just curious as I think this is a neat idea and might want to try something like this on my blog, so I was just asking.

  4. Apr 24 2012

    I use a program called videolan that Nir recommended

  5. Apr 24 2012

    Yup. VLC (aka videolan) allows you to take snapshots (into t a folder of your designation), allows you to speed up or slow down the video, allows you to delay audio and subtitles (they’re txt files) and vice versa. And it’s free and has a small file size. :O)

  6. Apr 24 2012

    That sounds VERY cool Nir. Where would I, or someone else who might be interested, go to get that? I take it this is something that you would download.

  7. Apr 25 2012
  8. Jun 3 2012

    Thanks for send this along for the blogathon Helen. You were my first contribution! I have to admit I don’t remember this from the movie, but it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it. Now I want to track it down again.

  9. Jun 3 2012

    @KC: When I was brainstorming for the umbrella theme I thought of “My Best Girl” for the classic “young lovers too absorbed in each other to notice the rain” scene (it made it into the post as the bonus picture). I then had to watch the movie to be sure it was Photo Play suitable. ;-) I actually hadn’t remembered the pictured scenes either, but after being reminded I knew they were too amusing not to feature. The umbrella on the bench bit especially made me laugh.