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February 13, 2012


Photo Play: Time After Time (1979)


The Photo Play theme for Leap Year February is playing with time.


Last Week on Photo Play: Frequency (2000)
Coming Next: Returner (2002)

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  1. Feb 13 2012

    I love that movie! It was back when Malcolm McDowell was still British. lol

  2. Feb 13 2012

    I like that he gets to play the good guy.

  3. Feb 13 2012

    Yeah, that’s a first! lol

  4. Michelle
    Feb 14 2012

    I love these photo plays, Helen. :-)

  5. Feb 14 2012

    @Helen, how about a photo play for The Fall or The Cell? Or maybe Johnnie To’s Exiled of Mad Detective? :O)

  6. Feb 16 2012

    @Michelle: I’m really pleased to hear that. I’m having a lot of fun with them. February and March are already done so there will be no interruptions to the schedule while I’m in trial. :-)

    @Nir: You never know. I happen to own 75% of those titles on DVD, which is currently one of the Photo Play criteria.

  7. Richard Winters
    Feb 16 2012

    So, Helen, what kind of trial are you going to be working on? Is it some juicy murder case ala Perry Mason?

  8. Feb 16 2012

    No, thank goodness! Civil cases for me. I’m providing trial presentation support in the state v. IBM contract case.

  9. Feb 16 2012

    Why IBM? Why can’t people take down Apple! Grr… I hate Apple!