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February 2, 2012


Capsule Movie Review – Man on a Ledge (2012)


Man on a Ledge is a tough nut to review because the less you know going in, the more fun it is to watch it unfold- or rather, hurtle along to its destination. It starts with a man climbing out the window of an old New York City skyscraper hotel. To give you a sense of the kind of movie it is, I’ll go one step further and reveal that he’s not suicidal. The “man on the ledge” is played by Sam Worthington and there’s a nice supporting lineup of mostly familiar faces: Ed Harris, Jamie Bell, Elizabeth Banks, William Sadler, Genesis Rodriguez (the reason for the “mostly”), Anthony Mackie, Titus Welliver, Edward Burns, and Kyra Sedgwick. In movie reference terms, it reminded me of 16 Blocks (that’s a good thing). It also reminded me of the good years of 24. Don’t take it too seriously, sit back and enjoy the ride, and don’t think about it too hard after it’s over.

2 1/2 stars

One thing I liked and one thing I didn’t like: It was great to see William Sadler again. Gosh, it must be a good 10 years. On the con side, that revelation about who the bad guy is? Such a cliche, and not one I’m fond of.

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  1. Feb 2 2012

    I heard that even though the premise is silly, its execution is the thing that makes this a terrible film. Everyone seems to complain that the film is insultingly stupid; one stupid thing after another is done and it only gets dumber. And then what happens in the third act is literally impossible.
    Note, I don’t know what the film is about nor how it ends but I hear that it insults the intelligence quite harshly. However, if you’ve had fun, who can complain?

  2. Feb 2 2012

    It’s highly contrived but I didn’t walk out insulted. That’s why I likened it to the good years of “24”. That and the breakneck, carry you along pacing.

  3. Feb 2 2012

    Huh. Cool. :O)

  4. Feb 3 2012

    I should have added earlier that movies that pass the Good Time test get graded on a curve. ;-)