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January 30, 2012


Photo Play: Joan Blondell in Footlight Parade (1933)


The Photo Play theme this month was Warner Brothers tough guys. For the fifth Monday, a gal who could stand up to any of ’em.


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  1. Jan 30 2012

    Yeah, she’s pretty awesome. :O)

  2. Jan 30 2012

    Yup, she’s pretty awesome. And so is Barbara Stanwyck. The Lady Eve, anyone? :O)

  3. Miriam
    Jan 30 2012

    Yeah, she could stand up to any tough guy- and knock ‘im down off his high horse when he needed it.

  4. Richard Winters
    Feb 1 2012

    I always liked Barbra Stanwyck in ‘Double Indemnity’. Of course many people say what created the toughness in her is that at age 5 she saw her mother get killed when she accidently slipped off the cable car they were riding on and got run over and Stanwyck was left to help raise the rest of her brothers and sisters.

  5. Feb 1 2012

    That would definitely explain a lot. And Double Indemnity is the first film that I saw her in. It’s either that or The Killers (1946) that is the quintessential film noir.

  6. Feb 5 2012

    @Miriam: That she could, and “Footlight Parade” illustrates that capability nicely. I especially like the scene where she takes down Chester’s cheating business partners. Ideally though I would have liked to have used “Gold Diggers of 1933” because I love that movie and I love her character; however, it came out on DVD _and_ went out OOP before I realized it.

  7. Feb 5 2012

    That’s what eBay’s for. :O)