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January 11, 2012

In the Blogosphere – January, 2012


A monthly round-up of recent blog posts I enjoyed reading.

Review of Warrior at The Cooler: “Warrior’s basic plot will be familiar to anyone who has seen a sports movie – the protagonists enter a big tournament as long-shots and unknowns, hoping to fight their way to the top – but what’s special about Warrior is that it doesn’t ask us to root for victory itself so much as triumph.” (read more) provides its annual primer to the year’s best: 48th Golden Horse Awards (read more)

The Bioscope on Hugo and The Artist: “The Artist genuinely speaks with the language of silent film (much as the elephantine Hugo does not), and years from now people will be saying how they went out to discover for themselves that language being expressed again and again.” (read more)

Would that we all loved our jobs so much! Electric Shadows reports that Run Run Shaw has retired: “The 104 year old tycoon is one of the few remaining links to the first generation filmmakers of China.” (read more)

A different perspective on top 10 lists from the LA Times: “The year’s most popular movie at the box office, “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,” barely sneaked onto the most pirated [on BitTorrent] movie list at No. 10, having been illegally downloaded 6 million times.” (read more)

Ticker Talks Film on film memorabilia that won’t break the bank: “There are other cheaper memorabilia curios, which might not get you as much credit as say the official replica of the light saber, but nevertheless they help you have a more rounded and diverse collection.” (read more)