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August 10, 2011

A Few Good Blog Posts (August, 2011)


A monthly round-up of recent blog posts I enjoyed reading.

The Lady Eve’s Reel Life on Casablanca with the San Francisco Symphony: “Mr. Francis entered, stepped to the podium, picked up his baton, glanced into a small monitor next to his sheet music and in a moment the hall reverberated with those oh-so-familiar notes that herald the start of a Warner Bros. picture.” (more)

Mondo 70: A Wild World of Cinema on Cave of Forgotten Dreams: “Herzog puts on a good show, but all his formidable bluster can’t cover the fact that, once he’d heard about the alligators, he just had to have them in his movie about cave paintings, and he’d figure out a way to explain their inclusion later.” (more)

Beth Loves Bollywood on Naag Lok: “Snake films are woefully lacking in my repertoire, but so strong are many of the key snaky elements here that even only having seen Nagin and Sheshnaag, I was easily able to recognize its fabulousnesssssss.” (more)

The Bioscope on The Soldier’s Courtship: “However, the film has never been entirely lost, nor is it (arguably) the first British fiction film. Let us examine the history.” (more)

This Island Rod on The Viking Queen (1967): “Rather than wishing the film played straighter, I couldn’t help but wish some real nutcase had directed this, and turned it into a freeform exercise in ahistorical comic book madness.” (more)