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December 7, 2010

DVD of the Week – Inception (2010)


The week’s big DVD release is Inception. Now devotees can re-watch, rewind, and freeze frame to their hearts’ content.

The single-disc DVD release contains short “making of” features: “the inception of Inception” is writer-director Christopher Nolan on developing the story concept; “the Japanese castle: the dream is collapsing” on building and tearing apart the elaborate set from the opening dream sequence; “constructing paradoxical architecture,” described as “designing the staircase to nowhere” (not exactly sure what that’s about other than it suggests production design…); and “the freight train,” described as “constructing the street-faring express” (ditto).

The two-disc Blu-ray release comes with a DVD copy and digital copy. It also adds more extras, notably “extraction mode,” an interactive feature covering various aspects of the production, and a new short documentary on real-world dream research, narrated by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Other features are trailers, art galleries, and composer Hans Zimmer’s musical score.

If you really, really love Inception (or you just like it and you live in the UK) then the “limited edition” UK Blu-ray release is the one for you. It comes packaged in a mock silver briefcase and includes several postcard-sized art cards (a mix of posters and stills), a replica of Cobb’s totem, and a tie-in book “Portable Automated Somnacin IntraVenous (PASIV) Device Instruction Manual MV-235A” on the fictional device.

Original Commentary Track reviews of Inception by Nir Shalev and Geoff Geib.

Other new releases this week: Barry Munday, Shrek Forever After, Twilight: Eclipse