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March 20, 2007


DVD of the Week – Blood Diamond (2006)


I am not sure why Blood Diamond was not better received. I thought it was a well-plotted story with complex characters in an exotic environment and had some decent action sequences on top of that. It got nominated for five academy awards (Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor, Djimon Hounsou for Best Supporting Actor, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Editing). And the film deserved all those nominations (I am really tired of people saying that DiCaprio was nominated for the wrong film – he was also very good in this film.)

Sure, I recognize some of the problems. The message was a little heavy-handed and you could see the fingerprints of Hollywood producers all over the picture, but I still enjoyed the film, and it is definitely worth checking out for a rental. There is little else I can say here that wasn’t already covered by my original review (linked below).

If you are interested in the purchase of Blood Diamond, there is a widescreen edition but for only a few dollars more, you can get the Two-Disc Special Edition, which includes a commentary track by director Edward Zwick, a documentary on the diamond trade, and some featurettes, including one on DiCaprio.

Original Commentary Track review by Rishi Agrawal

Other new releases this week: Eragon, Everyone’s Hero, The Nativity Story, Rocky Balboa

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  1. Helen
    Mar 21 2007

    I am not one of those people who said DiCaprio was nominated for the wrong film. He gave an excellent performance in The Departed, but an even finer one in Blood Diamond. The movie should have ended about two minutes before it did end (if you’ve seen it – I wanted it to conclude on the shot of Hounsou putting down the magazine and walking through the door), but that is my only real complaint.