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March 13, 2007

DVD of the Week – Casino Royale (2006)


Casino Royale relaunches the James Bond franchise by putting together the best James Bond movie in years. Perhaps what I like best about this film is that Bond is unsure at times, tentative. Most importantly, he makes mistakes. Though purists may not like this depiction, which subverts many of the iconic representations of Bond, this film creates a new mythology for a new generation.

Daniel Craig is probably the best Bond since Sean Connery. Though Craig has put together an already impressive filmography, he does not have enough associations yet that he could actually become James Bond in the same way that Sean Connery and Roger Moore did. (Brosnan was already a star before he took on the role.)

This is a beautifully shot spy thriller with an engaging plot and deep characters. What more could you ask for?

The film is being released in widescreen and full screen two-disc versions, as well as on Blu-ray. Also, for those of you who need more Daniel Craig, you can buy a two-movie pack of Casino Royale and Layer Cake. The DVD includes features on Daniel Craig and Bond girls and a look at the film’s stunts. There is also Chris Cornell’s music video for “You Know My Name.”

Other new releases this week: Harsh Times, The Holiday, Shortbus