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January 5, 2007


Movie Review – Blade: Trinity (2004)


My time spent watching Blade: Trinity was the definitive average moviegoing experience. I was not compelled to leave the theater in disgust, shaking my head sadly at its banality; yet neither was I driven to pump my fist in excitement and grin madly at the spectacle unfolding onscreen. Could my time have been spent better doing other things? Probably. But I’d be hard pressed to think of what. Films like this are what Saturday matinees were made for.

Blade: Trinity should have been a no-holds-barred, action extravaganza with Blade dispensing justice in spades to hordes of undead. Instead the audience gets a healthy serving of warmed up leftovers: scenes that look like they were left on the cutting room floor from previous movies in the series. This flick seemed to prove to me that blaring techno music + slow motion shots does not always = utter coolness. Director David Goyer does a competent job in the assemblage of these sequences; it’s just that he didn’t knock any one scene out of the ballpark and into the archives of my memory. Stephen Norrington was able to do this with the superb opening to the original Blade with our titular hero arriving in the middle of a blood drenched, vampire nightclub. And Guillermo del Toro did it with a grand Wrestlemaniaesque showdown between Snipes’ character and the tough-as-nails reaper mutant.

The reason I focus on the action sequences over the story in this review is because Goyer apparently chose the same path in the development of the film. I find this highly ironic for two reasons: (a.) because the action is never 100% thrilling and (b.) David Goyer was the screenwriter for the previous two films in the franchise. It would appear as if, given this opportunity to pull double duty as director and writer on Blade: Trinity, Goyer dropped the ball in both areas. The plot is not as tightly constructed as it should have been.

At best this creates manipulative scenes that are blatantly there to move things along and serve as action “beats” (villainous Dracula appears at one point to pointlessly kill a minor henchman and then allow Blade to pursue him in an elaborate rooftop chase scene). At worst this negligence by Goyer causes several plot holes to emerge during the course of the narrative (the heroes’ hideout gets discovered without explanation as to how; an elaborate sting operation on the part of the vampires seemingly rests on a certain character being in a very specific spot after a crazy car chase). In my opinion, Blade: Trinity would have benefited from Goyer focusing entirely on the screenplay and allowing another director to helm the project, possibly a Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run) or even a Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-tep). Alternatively, the studio could have gotten somebody to come on-board and help Goyer with the writing so he could have focused more on delivering a Blade adventure fit to rival its predecessors.

Despite the plot breaking down at several points, Blade: Trinity moves briskly along thanks to several enjoyable performances by the supporting cast members. Ryan Reynolds shines as the caustic Hannibal King, a former vampire turned monster hunter. His near constant barrage of witticisms kept me smirking through a large portion of the film. In particular, he played very well against the stoic (perhaps too stoic considering some of the stuff that happens to him) Blade and the trashy villainess played by Parker Posey. Her snooty bitchiness and far-out fashion gave Reynolds so many chances to let loose. And while I have my doubts about whether this Van Wilder persona is true to the original King character – I must say that it greatly added to the film for me. Kris Kristofferson, Patton Oswalt, and wrestler Triple H also add to the proceedings with characters whose small parts are offset by either memorable lines or exciting actions.

Now we move onto the major players in Blade: Trinity. Firstly, Jessica Biel is a beautiful girl playing a largely uninteresting character. As Abigail, the daughter to Blade’s mentor, Whistler, she is asked to mainly slay vampires, stride purposefully, and glare a lot. Biel does these actions well but there’s not much pizzazz in her performance. On the plus side, her archery and fighting skills are impressive and there are few moments where you’re left thinking, “obvious stuntwoman shot.” Considering how prominently Biel is displayed on the advertisements for this film, I just felt like her character would have “wowed” me a bit more. (Although, I could simply be harboring spite towards the filmmakers for not delivering on an obvious opportunity for a nude scene. Damn you, Hollywood! Indulge my chauvinism!)

Then there’s the nemesis to our hero: a little guy you might know who goes by the name of Drake (Dominic Purcell). Drake is, obviously, Dracula, a man in an unfamiliar time with blood on his mind and an axe to grind with Blade. Here again we come to Goyer’s underwhelming delivery of an imaginative concept. The character of Dracula brings to mind a certain majesty and an all-encompassing air of evil that should prove a suitable threat level to the forces of good. Instead, Blade: Trinity gives us a bad guy who’s content to play second fiddle to a bunch of relative nobodies on the undead corporate ladder. For all the filmmakers cared, Drake might as well have been any nameless, extra tough vampire. End lesson: if you’re going to use a classical antagonist who has had countless incarnations in novels, on stage, and on screen, give him more to do than walk around without his shirt off, beat up goth kids, and hide in the dark.

The glue holding this entire production together is Wesley Snipes’ performance as Blade. As always, the guy walks a fine line between humor, action, and drama. Snipes can deliver an impressive sweep kick as well as he utters a funny quip. What can I say? The guy’s good at punching AND punch lines. I only wish they’d have given him more to work with in terms of real dramatic involvement. Say what you will about these movies being escapist, adolescent power fantasies – the last two had some emotionally resonant moments for the title character. In Blade: Trinity, Snipes is asked to do little more than dress the part and go through the motions. It’s all the more vexing considering the turmoil Blade goes through in the beginning of the film. Yet later on, the loss is barely touched upon.

Perhaps Spider-Man 2 has created unfair expectations in my mind for this genre. Now I want all my comic book films to deliver the gloss and glamor along with the heartache and ascendance. Blade: Trinity might have satisfied me completely when I was a high school era youth. Today it leaves me with a thirst for more.

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  1. ash
    May 13 2007

    what is that techno song played?
    it has the lyrics “smash my picture” in it
    i really love that song

  2. James
    May 23 2007

    I think it’s Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up,” although the version used in the flick looks to be a remix that samples / combines it with another techno song, possibly “Operation Blade” by Public Domain or “Bloodrave” by the Crystal Method.

  3. Tony
    Jun 18 2007

    Actor, Wesley Snipes stole the idea to make the comic book “Blade” into a full length motion picture from Cartoonist Ken Willis, the same guy who hand picked him to play the leading role in the movie “Blade.” He paid and gave credit to all his high school friend and everyone except Ken Willis, the guy who brought the project to his company Armen Ra.’ Check it out on: Let the truth be told for history sake.

  4. Tony
    Jul 22 2007


    1973-Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan created the comic book “Blade.”

    1976-three years later African American, Cartoonist & Producer, Ken Willis, created the idea to turn cartoonist, Marv Wolfman & Gene Colan, African American, superhero “Blade” into an full length motion picture.

    1984-African American, Cartoonist, Ken Willis arrives in Hollywood, California in order to produce his childhood dream of making the comic book “Blade” into a full length motion picture.

    1994-Writer & Actor, Stan Lee wanted Wesley Snipes, to portray his original Marvel African American superhero character “Black Panther.” Sorry, but, it didn’t happen?

    1994-Writer & Director, John Singleton wanted Actor, Wesley Snipes to star in his version of “Shaft” instead of Sameul Jackson. Sorry, but that didn’t happen either?

    1994-African American, Cartoonist, Director, & Producer, Ken Willis wanted Actor, Wesley Snipes to star in his movie version of Marvel comic book “Blade.” Surprise! Actor, Wesley Snipes starred in “Blade,” back in 1998, because Cartoonist, Ken Willis, cast, pitched, consulted, and hand-picked Actor, Wesley Snipes for the greatest role of his acting career.

    1994-1998-Actor, Wesley Snipes circumvented African American, Cartoonist, Ken Willis out of his own “Blade” movie project, without giving any movie credits or one red cents for casting, personally hand-picking him to play “Blade,” which is the most profitable and greatest acting role of his career.

    2004-2007-The “Blade” triology has made well over $200,000,000 dollars and Actor, Wesley Snipes has not paid African American, Cartoonist, Ken Willis, one red cents out of the profits that Actor, Wesley Snipes, has made from Cartoonist, Ken Willis contribution to Actor, Wesley Snipes production company “Armen Ra for bringing the “Blade” movie projects to production table.

    2007-African American, Cartoonist, Ken Willis, brought you “Blade” indirectly through Actor, Wesley Snipes and New Line Cinema, but now Ken Willis will bring you his own original superhero comic book and movie called “MASK MEN.”

    So, the next time you are relaxing and watching the “Blade” movie triology, just remember the name of Cartoonist, Ken Willis, because it was his childhood dream that brought Actor, Wesley Snipes & the comic book “Blade” to the Hollywood big screens around the world.

  5. Ruth
    Jul 26 2007

    African American, Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis originally cast Actor, Wesley Snipes for superhero role of “Blade” in the New Line Cinema “Blade trilogy francise, and Writer and Director, David Goyer never ever could cast Actor,Wesley Snipes in the role of “Blade,” because Wesley Snipes had already had been pitched the movie idea of “Blade” by Cartoonist Ken Willis. Don’t believe the hype for history movie sake!

  6. chad baker
    Jul 29 2007

    are they thinking of making a blade 4??? the reason i ask is they left the ending in blade 3 completely open.

  7. Ruth
    Aug 4 2007

    No, Wesley Snipes blew it!

  8. Joe
    Aug 4 2007

    Peter Frankfurt, claim that he originated the idea to produce Blade the motion picture and cast Wesley Snipes as Blade in New Line Cinema Blade production note. But we all know that African American Cartoonist, Ken Willis originated and cast Actor, Wesley Snipes for the role of Blade in 1994. What a fake! Only a African American, Cartoonist, Ken Willis would have the knowledge or desire to produce Blade a D rated comic book into a motion picture with a C rated Actor, Wesley Snipes, during the early 90’s. When Actor, Wesley Snipes & Stan Lee had already prepared to produce Writer Stan Lee’s comic book “Black Panther” into a full-length motion picture.

    All the writing is on the wall Peter Frankfurt, the truth is out on how African American, Cartoonist, Ken Willis cast & hand picked Actor, Wesley Snipes to play “Blade.” If it wasn’t for African American, Cartoonist Ken Willis, the major studios would have never ever produce all the other Marvel comic book francises such as: Spiderman, X-men, Hulk, Dare Devil, Elextra, Knightrighter & other future superhero movies to be produced by Marvel Comic Book, Inc., etc. Because African Americn, Cartoonist, Ken Willis did what Marvel Writer, Stan Lee, couldn’t do it that was to get the Major Studios to produce one of his Marvel comic book into a motion picture. We all know that the Marvel comic book “Blade” was the Marvel superhero motion picture shovel breaking ground for all the future comic book movies. Because, African American, Cartoonist & Producer, Ken Willis saved Actor, Wesley Snipes, Writer Stan Lee, Marvel Comic Book Inc. (from Bankrupcty), Marv Wolfman, Cartoonist, Gene Colan motion picture career by proving through Wesley Snipes, New Line Studios,and to the Major Studios that Writer, Stan Lee (One of the foundering fathers of Marvel comic books)was right during the early eighties 80’s when he tried to get the Hollywood Major Studios to produce a series of his Marvel Comic book into a full lenght motion picture. Who years early turned their death ears & their backs on him during the early eighties. However, African American, Cartoonist, Ken Willis help Writer, Stan Lee prove to the Major Studios that Marvel Writer, Stan Lee was right when he believe that all the Marvel Comic Book superheroes would be a sure hit in the Hollywood motion picture industry.

    So, when you are sitting back watching a great Marvel comic book superhero movie. Just, remember that because African American, Ken Willis true desire to see his favorite childhood superhero “Blade” made into a motion picture, created the opportunity the first big break for marvel comic book to prove that if a B Actor, like Wesley Snipes & a D rated comic book character “Blade” could produce the number a number one hit motion picture in the United States with a young black actor, Wesley Snipes as lead. Please image what what kind of movie profits that comic book movies Spiderman, X-Men, Hulk, & Fantastic 4 etc. could produce. “BLADE” was and will always be the the historical superhero comic book movie that saved MARVEL COMIC BOOK FROM BANKRUPCTY>


  9. Aug 5 2007

    This trilogy is one of the more fun series that have been done on the movie screen in awhile.

    Also thanks Tony for that events leading up to the making of the movie. Being a comic book collector I always find such details interesting.

    Although I would consider who paved the path for who trivial. We have them. Enjoy them. Simple.

  10. Bob
    Aug 14 2007

    Tim, it is very important for all us movie fans to know the truth for the sake of American motion history. If Cartoonist and producer, Ken Willis paved the path for Marvel Comic, Inc,and Writer, Stan Lee, & Actor,Wesley Snipes, Writer, Marv Wolfman & Cartoonist, Gene Colan he should be given his credit and dues for such a great achievement. Tim my boy, this good ole’ boy’s libs like George Bush…the truth and history is not trivial…what is trivial is for other people in the movie industy to take credit for something that they did not do. Because knowing the truth. I can really enjoy the Marvel Comic Book francise movies knowing that a African American Cartoonist & Producer, Ken Willis was indirectly responsible for saving Marvel Comic Book, Inc., (from Bankruptcy) and also, for all the wonderful superhero movies that has been made because of the success of the “BLADE” triolgy such: Blade, X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic-Four Dare Devil, Hell Boy, Electra, Sin City, The Punisher, and The Night Rider Rider etc. Tim, I would consider this far from trivial. Knowing the true facts I can now really enjoy the Marvel Comic book movies franchises! Because without the truth Tim my boy! That mean that none of the Marvel superhero movie would have never existed without actions of both African American Cartoonist, Ken Willis and Actor, Wesley Snipes. Even though I donot approve of African American Actor, Wesley Snipes actions of deceiving Cartoonist, Ken Willis to gain control over his “Blade” movie project. HOWEVER,LONG LIVE CARTOONIST AND PRODUCER, KEN WILLIS!!! NUFF SAID!

  11. Jerry
    Aug 14 2007

    Bob,I agree with you. It is very important to keep the records straight for the sake of motion picture history. The truth is never trivial when it comes right down to the facts of American motion picture history. Shame on you Wesley Snipes!

  12. James
    Aug 15 2007

    Has African American cartoonist, producer, and writer Ken Willis ever actually penned, financed, or drawn anything I might have heard of in the worlds of magazine articles, film, comics, and/or television?

  13. maxx
    Aug 15 2007

    Yes, first Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis brought the Blade film project to Wesley Snipes and then he cast, pitched, consulted, and personally hand-picked Actor, Wesley Snipes for the leading role as Blade.

    I heard that Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis has some comic books & movie projects called: Mask Men, Suede,Sky Skaters and a comic script titled Short People. Among numerous inventions etc. But, I like the fact that Ken Willis was smart enough to realize that Actor, Wesley Snipes was perfect for the role of Blade. Especially, when the comic book character Blade was practically a unknown comic book superhero character to the general public. Only a genuis like Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis, would have been smart enough to match Actor, Wesley Snipes to the comic book role of Blade during the early 90’s.

    I even heard that in a interview Cartoonist Gene Colan the creator of Blade didn’t think that Actor, Wesley Snipes was even right for the part until he had actually seen the movie Blaed. But, Cartoonist Ken Willis believed in Actor, Wesley Snipes from the very beginning and he knew that Actor, Wesley Snipes, was perfect for the acting role as Blade and had the right stuff, which currently turns out to be the best Marvel comic book movie ever made in superhero motion picture history.

    I think realistically Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis saved Marvel Comic Books from Bankruptcy by introducing Actor Wesley Snipes to the movie idea of Blade and he also opening up the major Hollywood studios doors for Writer Stan Lee paving the way for superhero movies to be made such as:Blade,Spiderman,X-Men,Hulk,Hell Boy,Dare Devil,GhostRider,Electra, Sin City and Fantastic Four etc.

    This in itself is a unheard acomplishment especially when Ken Willis persuaded Actor, Wesley Snipes to not only act in his movie idea of Blade, but to also get Actor, Wesley Snipes to produce his childhood dream of making Blade a full-length motion picture through New Line Cinema, over Both season Writer,Stan Lee and Director, John Singleton.

    I really think that African American Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis proved his point in a major league way. I think that this guy is going to be next Stan Lee and greatest African American Cartoonist & Producer that Hollywood has ever seen. I just can’t wait to see his movie Mask Men. It’s going to be a Blast!!!

  14. robert
    Aug 17 2007

    Interesting I didn’t know that.

  15. Maxx
    Aug 17 2007

    James, well-known cartoonist & producer, Ken Willis published a book called “Under Standing The Powers Within You.” Also, he is the inventor the Hot-Net “Loop-U-Hoop”(hand-helded Basketball game)with a clothing line under the same name.

    1994-Cartoonist & Producer Ken Willis cast, pitch, consulted, & personlly hand-picked actor, Wesley Snipes for the leading role of vampire trilogy of “Blade.”

    1996-Inventor Ken Willis Loop-U-Hoop toy was selected as invention of the year by the international inventor association.

    1997-Cartoonist,Producer, & Ken Willis was inducted into the Black Inventor Museum.

    2007-cartoonist & producer Ken Willis currently assisted well-known actress Tangi Miller with getting financing on a 9 slate picture deal for her company Olivia Entertainment. entertainment.

    Also, he has been a professional published cartoonist,producer & photographer for over twenty five years. Nuff Said!!!

  16. divas
    Aug 19 2007

    Cartoonist,and Producer, Ken Willis is 100% percent genuis!!!

  17. truth4u
    Aug 19 2007

    Long…live Ken Willis!

  18. James
    Aug 20 2007

    This is getting ridiculous, seriously. It’s obvious that one or two people are posting multiple times using different names.

    I don’t mind hearing about Ken Willis’ supposed contributions to the development of this movie from one poster, but I can’t stand the duplicitous nature of a person who’d create multiple pseudonyms to forward his/her cause. Please stop.

  19. truth4u
    Aug 21 2007

    James,learn to not ask questions,
    if you really don’t want them truly answer? comment by James
    item #12 August 17,2007. Thank you
    very much.

  20. truth4u
    Oct 14 2007


    After, all the Hollywood Black exploitation music, movies, and television shows, and their poor portrayal of Black American people and their heroes through out American history. Someone took notes and said enough was enough. Then that someone was African American, Cartoonist and Producer,Ken Willis. An his calling card to Hollywood was the movie called “Blade” and his messenger was Actor, Wesley Snipes.

    If a spark can start a flame. Well, the original unaccredited Producer, Ken Willis “Blade” movie project based on Marvel-Writer, Marv Wolfman and Cartoonist, Gene Colan’s superhero comic book called “Blade” became a 20 Billion dollars superhero moneymaking flame that paved the way for great Marvel Entertainment Group better-known White staple comic books to be made into full-length motion pictures such as: The Matrix, X-Men, Spiderman,Hulk, Fantastic Four, Dare Devil, Eleckra, Cat Woman, Under World, Hell Boy, Night Rider, Sin City, Night Stalkers, Transformers, and Iron Man, among many others to be produced by the major Hollywood studios in the near future.

    These series of well-known White staple marvel comic book superheroe movies alone with Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis “Blade” movie project saved the Hollywood movie and comic book publishing industry from the worst 1990’s economical slumps known in American history.

    However, many in the Hollywood movie industry would love for you to believe that the 1970’s D.C’S comics Superman or the 1990’s Batman franchises started the whole superhero movie revolution. But, the whole reality is that their efforts crashed and burned lone time ago with the failure of Superman IV and Batman and Robin movie flops that left the whole Hollywood movie studios industry shaking in their boots too afraid to ever produce another superhero property ever again, which left the Hollywood major studios no choice but to return only to the safe format of low budget creative films, where they could only pray and hope for the next big block buster Hollywood motion picture hit and a quick return on their Hollywood motion picture investments.

    Until, Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis reintroduced Hollywood to his unappreciated childhood comic book called “Blade” the vampire hunter which shocked the whole entire world and forever changed the landscape on how African American people are portrayed in motion picture around the world. So, the next time that you are watching a great superhero motion picture, Please, remember the name of the original “Blade” movie trilogy unaccredited producer, Kenneth J. Willis, because he is the one and only single person who originated the entire “Blade” movie project that sparked a 20 Billion dollars Hollywood superhero movie making flames that are still burning inside private homes, movie theatres, movie stores, and at Hollywood majors studios even today. Thus, making Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis (Father Of The Hollywood Superhero Movie Revolution)because it was truly his little (Blade movie)spark that created a major Hollywood fire storm that we all can enjoy at the Hollywood movie theatres today.

    An for you died hard unbelievers? Just follow the Hollywood superhero movie money trail and it would lead you back to the movie “Blade and African American, Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis. Nuff Said!

    Long live Ken Willis!!!


  21. truth4u
    Nov 8 2007


  22. James
    Dec 13 2007

    Truth4u, if you can point me to a single interview with Ken Willis from a valid website or periodical, I will award you a genuine Stan Lee style “No-Prize.” Based on my own attempts to research this guy, I’ve found not a single shred of evidence pointing to his existence. There’s just pages of pseudo hype for nonexistent projects and slams on Wesley Snipes via comments left on many other pages. Is this part of some master’s thesis on internet rumor spreading? I honestly have no clue what you’re trying to do here.

  23. Maxx4U
    Dec 13 2007


    Ken Willis was the Original “Blade” trilogy Producer, who casted, pitched, and taughted Actor, Wesley Snipes how to portray the comic book character “Blade” and how to aquire the license to “Blade” comic book property before the Hollywood big wigs got a hold of the “Blade” license. Ken Willis made dam sure that Actor, Wesley Snipes beat them to the punch too bad Actor, Wesley Snipes only showed his appreciation by avoiding Mr. Willis.

    Wesley Snipes and the Hollywood corporate White shirts didn’t want the general public to even know that Cartoon and Producer, Ken Willis existed, because he is the only Producer who can truly claimed that he not only originated the “Blade” trilogy project based on Marvel Writer, Marv Wolvman and Gene Colan comic book, but he is the one and only producer or person who can truly claim that he cast Actor, Wesley Snipes in his historical movie role as “Blade.” This historical figure open the doors for Marvel Entertainment Group creating an whole new Hollywood movie revolution. Never in the history of Hollywood motion pictures has Hollywood studios had so many back to back 100 million dollars hit movies that have made mega bucks for the major studios. However,through Ken Willis efforts by persuading the industry to turn his childhood comic book superhero “Blade” into a Hollywood motion picture he indirectly changed the landscape of Hollywood. Producer, Ken Willis has made more money for the Hollywood industry than any single person in Hollywood history through his powerful influence over Actor, Wesley Snipes and the superhero movie making and comic book publishing industries.

    Thank God, that Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis took notes and said enough was enough to the whole entire Hollywood and comic book industries and made Hollywood get it right. Because the film “Blade” was Ken Willis calling card and Actor, Wesley Snipes was just his Messenger. An James, if you really want to know the truth about how cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis Saved Hollywood. Just called Actor, Wesley Snipes ex-talent agent Delores Robinson and all his ex-employee of Armen Ra. They will give you the whole scoop on how Actor, Wesley Snipes stole the “Blade” trilogy project from Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis. Hey, everybody in Hollywood and the whole world already knows the true story and that Ken Willis is the one and only real “Blade” trilogy Producer, because the rest are only excutive producers who put up the money to make the movie including Actor, Wesley Snipes. But like they say “There is Nothing like the real thing. An Ken Willis is the real thing. (Father Of the Hollywood Superhero Movie Revolution and the Original Producer of the “Blade” movie trilogy).

    Ken Willis, planted the “Blade” movie seed. The rest of the Producers are just eating and living off of his fruit of his inspiration and visions whereby not even “Blade” comic book Marv Wolvman and Gene Colan’s thought was possible.

    No, James this not about spreading internet rumors. I’am only spreading the truth to make sure that history get it right.

    Lone live African American Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis(The true Original “Blade” trilogy Producer and Father of the Hollywood superhero movie revolution, who paved the way for all of Marvel Entertainment Group White-better known Staple comic book superheroes to be made into Hollywood full-length motion pictures.

    Thank God again, for giving Ken Willis the vision to make Hollywood get it right and may God forgive Actor, Wesley Snipes for lying and hiding the true genius Ken Willis who really brought us the movie “Blade.”

    Also, James be on the look out for Cartoonist and Producer Ken Willis Superhero movie “Mask Men” which is still in development and you see his movie “Mask Men” then you and the general public will get to know the man behind the “Blade”magic! Nuff Said!

    So stay tuned!

  24. Maxx4U
    Dec 13 2007

    James since you like to do research on Ken Willis. How about doing a little research on why Actor, Wesley Snipes immediately dropped Stan “Prize” Lee “Black Panther” superhero film project for Ken Willis “Blade” superhero film projects? An why his agent Delores Robinson had to cancel Wesley contractual agreement with Stan “Prize” Lee where he and Stan Lee annouce to the Mass media world wide that Actor,Wesley Snipes was slated to play his “Black Panther” Superhero character. An how a B African American cactor retain complete control over a multi-million dollar trilogy film project over night. Weslely Snipes, went from wearing a dress to being a kick ass no sense superhero over night.You do the math.

    No,James this no master thesis on spreading rumors. This is a master in uncovering the truth and the truth is Actor Wesley Snipes and his co-hoods of White shirt are a bunch of crooks who still owe Ken Willis million of dollars and that is a fact jack.




  25. Dec 14 2007

    Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis, is indirectly responsible for creating a 50 Billion dollars Superhero “moneymaking” industry for both Hollywood motion pictures, Computer Games, Clothing lines, and the entire comic book publishing industry etc. After, the terrible 1980’s and 1990’s economic slumps both the Hollywood and comic book industry was dead. Until, Ken Willis reintroduce and reconnected the X-Generation to his childhood Superhero “Blade,” which put butts back into the movie theatres sits and however, open the doors for Marvel Entertainment Group and the Hollywood Studios gateway for
    entire world-wide Hollywood superhero movie making coimic book market. Thus, making Ken Willis Father Of the Hollywood Superhero Revolution. Noone can change the fact that Ken Willis is the Original “Blade” Producer who originated the whole “Blade” movie trilogy based on Marvel-Writer, Marv Wolveman and Cartoonist, Gen Colan’s great comic book called “Blade,” and he is also solely responsible for casting, pitching, and teaching Actor, Wesley Snipes on how to portray the dark vampire Superhero “Blade.” No other person, Producer, Director, Writer, or Actor on the “Blade” movie set can make this claim but Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis. Anyone who makes any claims to this these facts is an out-right liar.

    Just setting the records straight for history sake!

  26. Dec 14 2007

    James, the only reason why humble Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis refused interviews and haven’t come out publicly is because he is a very quiet and private person who didn’t want to hurt the “Blade” movie profits or Actor, Wesley Snipes career. Nuff Said!

    Long live!!! The Original Produer Of “Blade” Ken Wllis

  27. Dec 14 2007

    James, the only reason why humble Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis refused interviews and haven’t come out publicly is because he is a very quiet and private person who didn’t want to hurt the “Blade” movie profits or Actor, Wesley Snipes career. Nuff Said!

    Long live!!! The Original Producer Of “Blade” Ken Wllis

  28. Dec 20 2007


    There is a Hierachy in Hollywood and the top “Dog” is not always your highly paid headliner Will Smith Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Depp, Jaime Foxx, Ben Alfeck,Cylk Cozart, Keanu Reeves, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks Nicolas Cage, John Travolta or even Wesley Snipes.

    Producer and Cartoonist,Ken Willis is an example of the greatest that Hollywood has to offer, because he has both Street Credit and Corporate Board room Credit on the Hollywood business world scene.

    This pillow of the Hollywood world community has now been newly crown “King Of Hollywood and Father of the Hollywood Superhero movie revolution.” Because he not only originated the whole “Blade” movie trilogy based on Marvel Comics Writer, Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan’s excellent comic book called “Blade,” but he also cast well-known Actor, Wesley Snipes for leading role as the comic book Superhero “Blade” the vampire hunter, wherebout, fans and movie critics a like selected the “Blade” movie to be the best cast Marvel Entertainment Group Superhero movie in the history of American cinema and the greatest Superhero and vampire movie of all times.

    Although the nation do not know of all Ken Willis numerous achievemets. But,all major Hollywood insiders know that Mr. Willis is highly esteemed mega force on both the urban and corporate scene, because he has recently joined forces with both Billionare American and Canadian investors to greenlight Hollywood motion pictures. This Hollywood economic shift in has changed the whole Hollywood landscape as we historically know it. Hey,Look-out Hollywood here Ken Willis come!!!

    Long live!!! Ken Willis

  29. Dec 31 2007


    Avi Arad, Head of Marvel Entertainment Group admitted in a CNN news interview that Original Producer and Cartoonist,Ken Willis movie “Blade” gave him leverage with reluctant Hollywood studios bosses in getting all of Marvel Comics better known-White staple Superheroes comic book characters produced into full-length motion pictures such as: Matric,X-Men, Spiderman, Hulk, Fantastic Four, Dare Devil, Eleckra, Hell Boy, Night Rider, Sin City, 300’s, Superman Returns, Batman Returns, Catwoman, Transformers, Iron Man etc. This article makes Cartoonist and Producer, Ken Willis the Offical “Father Of The Hollywood Superhero Movie Revolution,” who played a key role in casting Actor, Wesley Snipes in his historical film role as “Blade” the vampire hunter based on Marvel Writer, Marv Wolfman and Gene Colans comic book called “Blade.” Check out the whole CNN interview at:

    James, you asked for it now you got it from Head Marvel cheese mouth. This is a great Birthay gift for the Original “Blade” movie Producer and Cartoonist, Ken Willis, because he was born on New Year.

    Happy Birthday!!! Ken Willis where ever you are.

  30. Jan 6 2008

    Two more websites where Avi Arad Marvel Entertainment Group Chief film executive finally gives over due credit to the Original “Blade” Producer and Cartoonist, Ken Willis Childhood Marvel comic book Superhero film “Blade” the vampire hunter.

  31. Iceberg
    Apr 15 2008

    Does anyone know who did the music for the blade trinity car chase? whos it by? and whats the name of the tune its awesome?

  32. Aug 31 2008

    What is the song when blade is praying or meditating in the first and second movie. I love it so much, please help.

  33. Footie712
    Nov 14 2008

    I have searched all over the web for that jacket Ryan Reynolds is wearing in the photo above. Anybody know where I can get that?

  34. maxx
    Aug 15 2009


    1998-African American, Producer
    and Cartoonist Ken Willis is
    the first Hollywood Producer
    to turn a Marvel (Blade)
    comic book into a multi-
    million dollars
    Hollywood trilogy film.

    1998-Producer, Ken Willis
    becomes the first
    producer to cast a
    African American
    (Actor & Co-Producer
    Wesley Snipes) in a
    leading role in a big
    budget Hollywood
    trilogy film.

    1998-Producer, Ken Willis
    becomes the only
    Hollywood film
    producer to jump
    start a multi-billion
    dollars Hollywood
    Superhero industry.

    2004-Producer, Ken
    Willis, become the
    first African American,
    producer to produced
    a Hollywood trilogy motion
    picture that gross
    $500,000,000 to 1 billion

  35. Blade
    Nov 29 2009

    Hey Jon,( from question # 32) The song Blade meditates to , is called “Rainbow Voice ” check out the Baraka soundtrack brother, I think it is number 7,Ihave also heard the name David hyde dukes if that helps

  36. Blade
    Nov 29 2009

    I am looking for the song played by Blade in his car at the beginning of Blade Trinity, right after he comes zooming out of the back of the trailer whistler is driving , and resumes chase of the fleeing vampires on the motor cycles and the others in their blue eagle talon and uses the U V Head lamps on them

  37. mj
    Oct 19 2010

    The “Blade” trilogy films were Producer,Ken Willis Hollywood calling card and Actor, Wesley Snipes was his Messenger. Nuff Said.

  38. Bob. Just Bob.
    Sep 1 2011

    I’d like to know why i just spent forever reading a guy create 40 different accounts just to smash Wesley Snipes on some review for a movie, presumably because Snipes stole his juicebox while they were in 1st grade together.

  39. maxx
    May 15 2012

    Bob, You can buy a whole lot of juiceboxes with the 1 billion dollars and over that the Blade trilogy movies made for New Line Cinema, Marvel, and Snipes etc. But, the truth still remains…a lot of juiceboxes was stolen and the Blade trilogy was a smash. What it is…is What it is.